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  • BX-350 Wireless vacuum cleaner
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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What kind of floors can Dibea robot vacuum cleaners be used on?
    Most of Dibea’s robotic vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning on hard floors, including wood floor, tile foor, laminatefloor, marble floor and flat/short carpet.

    2. Does the robotic vacuum cleaner has scheduling mode?
    Yes. Most models (D900, GT100, ZN808 etc.) have scheduling mode. Users can set daily or weekly schedule by remote control.

    3. Does the robotic vacuum cleaner has anti-dropping function?
    Yes. All the robotic vacuum cleaners have cliff sensors to avoid dropping off or bumping into obstacles.

    4. How to maintain the vacuum cleaner correctly?
    First, charge the vacuum cleaner according to the user manual correctly. If the vacuum cleaner is not used for a long time, please take out the battry and keep it in a safe and dry place. Second, clean the suction, brushes and dust bin regularly. If the product has HEPA filters, remember to replace the HEPA at least twice a year.

    5. The new robotic vacuum cleaner runs about and doesn’t follow the planning route.
    Actually, our robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with sensitive infrared sensors and smart route planning program. However, they need to detect the environments once they are working in a new place. So, just give them several days, they will quickly adapt to the new envionment and start the regular cleaning route.

    6. How to use the remote control of Dibea D900 vacuum cleaner?

    7. How do the 4 cleaning modes of D900 vacuum cleaner work?

    8. How to schedule the Dibea D900 vacuum cleaner?

    9. How to disassemble the D900 vacuum cleaner?

    10. How to reinstall the D900 vacuum cleaner?